Title: Placegram

Name:Sanchit Aggarwal

Geotagging personal data such as photos and videos are continuously becoming easier and more popular. Nevertheless, browsing such data on general purpose maps can be difficult, due to the frequent zoom and pan operations as well as visual components unnecessary for the task. This paper presents Placegram, a compact diagrammatic map visualization for personal geotagged data browsing based on cognitive map theories. An evaluation using real-life data sets shows that the speed of finding and pointing to places from the participants' own data increased by a factor of 2.1-2.9, and the number of interesting places discovered from others' data within a time limit increased by 48.8 percent in Placegram compared to a general purpose map. Placegram was even slightly faster than a simple text list, while at the same time, preserving the geographic senses of direction and location. Subjective ratings and comments from participants support these results, indicating that Placegram is significantly preferred over both a general map and a text list.

Title: Sentiment analysis in a social Networking environment

Name:Divya Tewari

Social networking sites are a place where people can freely place their opinions or views about any issue, person or thing. As a result these sites have now emerged as major focus for analysis of people’s views, thoughts and reviews . Gathering opinions from opinion-rich social media. To attach a sentiment value to opinions gathered. This give a concise view of public opinions in particular issues.

Title: Emotion Recognition System

Name: Nitika Gupta

Emotion Recognition System aims to recognize facial emotions like happy, sad, angry etc. in a real time scenario. The project begins with an image capture using a webcam in MATLAB which is followed by feature extraction and image recognition on comparison with the images in a database.

Title: Security Surveillance System using face recognition incorporating messaging facility

Name:Megha Rathore

Security surveillance systems rely majorly on face feature extraction wherein the feature of faces are segregated and identified individually and then unified together to achieve a comprehended match of the face.There are three phases for face detection, face recognition and face identification. In this project, face recognition is used to identify the unknown faces to the system and as soon as it is identified a notification is send to the user’s phone.

Title: Iris Recognition System Using OpenCV on Android platform

Name:Saurabh Sharma

The aim of our project is to implement iris recognition application which is basically a advance biometric system. on android platform for smartphones, tablets Etc running android OS.

Title: Ticketless Parking System

Name: Rabani Singh Chhabra

Ticketless parking is a simple solution to achieve an advanced parking system – not only does it eliminate certain maintenance costs, it also rids the confusion in resolving lost tickets and can improve traffic flow entering and exiting car park facilities. License Plate Recognition (LPR) is one part of the integrated license plate recognition solutions offered.

Title: Object Detection

Name: Manish Kumar Sharma

Object detection is a computer technology related to computer vision and image processing that deals with detecting instances of semantic objects of a certain class (such as humans, buildings, or cars) in digital images and videos. Well-researched domains of object detection include face detection and pedestrian detection. Object detection has applications in many areas of computer vision, including image retrieval and video surveillance

Title: Face Recognition using Artificial Neural Networks

Name: Shilpi Gupta

Neural networks are used to create the face database and recognize the face. A separate network for each person is built. The input face is projected onto the elgenface space first to get a new descriptor. This descriptor ls used as network input and applied to each persons network. The one with maximum output ls selected and reported as the host if it ls larger than a predefined recognition threshold

Title: Search By Choice Interface using CBIR technique

Name:Aditi Upreti

The project is an attempt to develop an interface based on CBIR technique for the retrieval of image feature vectors to align similar images together by the choice of the user. The Search by choice interface will help to develop the interface in which the users can search their image by a query as an image with minimum time. The interface processes the given input image is very less time with maximum efficiency. The accuracy of the search is enhanced through technique of feature detection and support vector machine classifier. The interface allows the user to enter their desired image query in the browse image option and thus the output images is displayed from the database with an accuracy of 85%.

Title:Fire and Smoke Detection using Image Processing Techniques

Name:Utkarsh Srivastava

To be used for the automatic verification system,feature extraction, template selection, matching algo accuracy , research issues and multi biometric systems

Title: Modern and primitive lossy image compression techniques

Name: Rachit Chauhan

To create a contrast between modern and primitive lossy image compression techniques and create an android application for the same.

Title: Design of Optical character Recognition system of camera based handheld devices

Name: Chitesh Agrawal

The project focuses on recognizing characters in situations that would traditionally not be handled well by present day OCR techniques. The application is so designed that it is able to recognize alphabets and numbers in English language. The problem that is rectified in this application is object categorization framework where visually similar characters are recognized with more accuracy.

Title: Konnect Messenger

Name: Kriti Gupta

Our application has a simple objective to bring a little twist to simple chat application by adding more social integration with the help of Game Scoring System and Location Based Status Updates.Our application will be easier to be used by Differently abled persons with motion gestures,touch gestures,Text to Speech and Speech recognition methods. It will even support offline messaging for emergency purposes.

Title: Health Coach

Name: Nishchaya Gupta

Health Coach provides you with information about your exercise, such as the calories you have burned and the distance you have covered during your exercise (i.e., while walking, running, cycling).Moreover it turns your mobile into a heart rate monitor.The application also helps you to keep track of all your medicines and helps you track the medicines of your family members also at one place.

Title: Data Analysis using big data analysis

Name: Umang Garg

The project analyses the data of a small sized company on various aspects and levels.The data analysis done in my project leads to choosing an optimum vendor to buy raw materials from. It also analyses user data and makes shopping experience more personalized and target oriented.It uses predictive analysis technique on big data to retrieve optimum results.

Title: Online hostel management system using smart cards and ASP.NET

Name: Ritesh Thakur

The main objective of the project is to fully automate the process for outpass generation. student will be applying for outpass online and then after appending it in the database it will be checked using smart cards to check in the campus.

Title: Indian Railways Application

Name: Namrata Bhushan

Today, world is advancing with rapid development so is the amount of data generated. Hence we are unable to extract information efficiently from this huge data. So there is a need of a method to extract information from raw data.This application will be used to visualize train data using cognition with help of virtual environment.

Title: Child Education Growth Monitoring System

Name:Anu Aggarwal

It is a system that helps both parents and teachers to interact in a better and easy way. Childs progress can be monitored using this system via the reports and other things it provides.

Title: Blood donation system using Android and Web Interface

Name:Aneesh Bhatnagar

This project will provide a way for any patient in need of blood to communicate with people who can donate blood. All the users who have the same blood group as the one required will receive an instant push notification on their Android smart phones. They can then respond to the notification and decide whether to donate blood right now or not. The web interface will also provide a similar interface for people who are in need of blood. An email notification system will also be set for people who choose to receive notifications via email.

Title: E-Billing Application

Name:Lokesh Gautam

This application is a paperless billing application with various features for advanced billing in various areas. It includes various features which makes it different from others is like it allows multi user with access level, through which user can generate multiple bills at the same time

Title: IPL SIMULATOR - Design, Implementation & Testing

Name: Pulkit Taneja

The purpose of this project is to create a simulated version of the Indian Premier League where in the user can select the team they want to compete with. This will act as a source of entertainment for users who can watch their favourite team and players win the coveted trophy. Upon completion of the design of this application, testing of the Beta version will highlight all the bugs & errors that need to be fixed. After changes are done, a bug-free final product will be obtained. The objective at this stage is to research & learn about the various concepts involved with testing on Cloud & obtain first-hand experience of using Testing Tools available. I also hope that Manual Testing via development of Test Cases, cause graphs etc will give me an in-depth understanding of Testing concepts.

Title: Optimization of test case/suite using meta-heuristic approaches.

Name: Aarti Laddha

Any software development is guided by the implementation of all the steps in a Software Development Life Cycle in an adequate manner. Of these steps, Software Testing is the only phase, which safeguards the reliability of the software. Testing phase can be accomplished successfully through manual labor or can be automated via various testing tools. Manual testing is more time consuming and may also lead to a few errors that remain unidentified. However, automatic testing consumes less time and insures that bugs are trapped. In software testing, the major concern is generation of test data. Several metaheuristic approaches in this field have gained popularity. This project presents an artificial bee colony based search technique for automatic software test data generation. The Artificial Bee Colony algorithm works on the intelligent synchronization of bees where they help each other find nodes with promising outcomes. Results show that the proposed technique requires less computation time, is easy to understand and a reasonable alternative for test data generation.

Title: Multi Level Marketing Plus

Name: Parul Agarwal

The aim of this project is to build a system that helps any type of M.L.M (Multi Level Marketing) agency to do all their process in a systematic way. Here all the activities are automated by using this system. The clients and the administrator will transfer their views and queries by this system. The system is to automate client’s reports. This can be used for maintaining and evaluation of sales activities. It allows the clients to set goals and accomplish them. It is very useful to motivate the client to do better, with reference of his previous progress. If asked about the future implication of this project, in this era of technology this software will help people to keep their each and every details of business secure and safe.

Title: To-Do List and Task Manager

Name: Aanchal Kohli

The main objective is to create an application which manages your tasks with date and time. It also considers the place where the task needs to be done. The task calculates the time for each task and checks if the time for any task clashes with another. This includes the time to finish task, the travel time for each task and also the preparation time for each task. Other features include Check-List enabling with separate tasks (Helps you create a list of items needed for the task or items that the task needs to complete. This app also has a can-do feature. This feature helps you to discover all possible things that you can do at the task location.

Title: Free Lancing software


An Android app would be installed on the android device which would be linked to an account. There would be a website which would provide functionality to login in to your account and will be redirected to corresponding dashboard where user can access location details of the employees whereabouts. The employer can track the whereabouts of employee for that period of time

Title: Amizone8 (Windows Phone 8 App)

Name:Rishabh Sood

The objective of the project is to study development of applications in Windows Phone 8 and attempt to create an application that can help students of Amity University to easily access Amizone on their mobile phones with a range of extra features.

Title: Privacy Preserving Public Auditing for Secure Cloud Storage

Name:Randeep Singh

To fully ensure the data security and save the cloud users’ computation resources, it is of critical importance to enable public auditability for cloud data storage so that the users may resort to a third party auditor (TPA), who has expertise and capabilities that the users do not, to audit the outsourced data when needed. In a word, enabling public risk auditing protocols will play an important role for this nascent cloud economy to become fully established, where users will need ways to assess risk and gain trust in Cloud. Enabling public auditability for cloud data storage security is of critical importance so that users can resort to an external audit party to check the integrity of outsourced data when needed. To securely introduce an effective third party auditor (TPA), the following two fundamental requirements have to be met: 1) TPA should be able to efficiently audit the cloud data storage without demanding the local copy of data, and introduce no additional online burden to the cloud user; 2) The third party auditing process should bring in no new vulnerabilities towards user data privacy. In this project, we utilize and uniquely combine the public key based authenticator with random masking to achieve the privacy-preserving public cloud data auditing system, which meets all above requirements.

Title: Disease Profile matching

Name:Rahul Sharma

It is a social network based on disease profile of a person, one got a choice to interact (add to your contact network) with a person having same symptoms or disease.

Title: Fog Computing

Name: Saurabh Verma

“Fog Computing” refers to the creation of bogus information being placed and mixed with the true information in the cloud. This strategy consequently secures user’s real data and confuses the attacker that what is real and what is fake. This method actually creates a fog of fake information which in turn protects user’s sensitive and confidential data in the cloud. For eg:- security questions and placing decoy documents.

Title: School E-Governance System

Name: Siddharth Khurana

A web application will be developed that will be used by school to help in effective functioning and management. The website will consist of 2 login pages. One will be used by School and the other by the faculty. Admin will login using the student login page only. Its a live project and will be used by Shipra School.

Title: Cloud CMS and Analytic

Name: Anshul Sharma

Cloud CMS is a Cloud Content Management System that makes it easy for any business to create, manage and publish amazing content to their web sites and mobile applications. With Cloud CMS, the approach has been such to create a fully functional CMS with Data Analytics tools, so as to provide full insights to Cloud Service Provider. Cloud CMS is a project created specifically to implement the data analytics model of both public and private cloud. The cloud web application created is both secure, ready to use with any device. The model followed here is Service as a Solution for Business Intelligence Model aka Saas BI. Here, the Service is a model for delivering information & technology where resources are accessed via internet through web-based tools and applications, instead of direct connection through a server, also known as Cloud Computing. However, this structure allows everyone with access to information only as long as the device has access to the internet. Unfortunately, the Fears of putting data on the cloud has led many thinking that it’s better to keep it offline. Cloud is a useful resource to access whatever you need, whenever you need, provided your files should be safely accessed. Through this project I have tried to implement the concepts of Cloud Computing, Cloud Analysis, Resource Binding and Resource Sharing while creating a secure environment using AES Algorithm for the Users to upload their sensitive data and the master account to create cloud and share resources with other cloud users.

Title: Automobile maintenance and Repair Help : Web application

Name: Anmol Seth

It is a Web application made using python flask and concepts of data mining. It lets the user to enter their problem and get the best possible result and then using the stored brand name of the user vehicle will get you the various service centres available in your city in real time. It uses the concepts of natural language text processing to improve the text understanding and returning the desired results.

Title: The Happiness Project

Name: Shekher Mudgal

Most modern technological applications target user satisfaction requirement and happiness in various forms (such as networking – Facebook, retail – Flipkart) but none has been able to target happiness directly. I intend to create a technology that doesn’t addict the user to itself, and at the same time provides a comprehensive solution to most attainable happiness requirements by learning about the users emotional and psychological state and formulating an algorithm to improve it using psychology. Resource requirement (Hardware & Software): TARGET SYSTEM: Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 PLATFORMS USED: Windows 8.1, Visual Studio 2012 (C# and LIST OF TOOLS: ? Adobe Photoshop – Graphics & Visual Stimulation ? Digital Biological Peripherals Secondary objectives of the project include the development of an ‘Algorithm for Happiness’, an algorithm that builds on pre-existing theories of psychology to develop a technological solution to positively alter the psychological state of the user in reasonable time, using pre-acquired knowledge of his interests and predispositions.

Title: Genetic Algorithm for grammatical inference

Name: Itee Jain

Genetic Algorithm is an optimization based meta-heuristic technique, motivated by Darwin’s theories of evolution and the concept of “survival of the fittest”. It uses processes analogous to genetic recombination and mutation to promote the evolution of a population that best satisfies a predefined goal. Unlike conventional optimization techniques, Genetic Algorithm work on a population rather than a single point of search which results in their robustness. Also they involve probabilistic transition unlike conventional ones which involve deterministic transition for optimization.

Title: Breaking Captchas

Name: Eshika Manchanda

A CAPTCHA is a type of challenge-response test used in computing as an attempt to ensure that the response is generated by a person. The process usually involves a computer asking a user to complete a simple test which the computer is able to grade. These tests are designed to be easy for a computer to generate, but difficult for a computer to solve, so that if a correct solution is received, it can be presumed to have been entered by a human Breaking captcha is a software in which captchas are automatically created and broken. Accuracy of the captchas is calculated to show how much percent captcha is matched with the original captcha

Title: Mood Identification Of Music

Name: Mugdha Misra

Target is to analyze various data classification algorithms in order to learn, train and test the model representing the moods of these audio songs and developed an open source framework for the same A new method is proposed to build a large ground truth set of songs and 18 mood categories based on social tags so as to reflect a realistic, user-cantered perspective.

Title: Polarity gauging of text through statistical and lexical tools

Name: Sourojit Das, Arghya Aratder

The main aim is to collect tweets based on user preference and at runtime to process them via both traditional classifiers and through NLP based tools in order to perform opinion mining. Emotion analysis as in positive negative and six emotions analysis is performed along with requisite graphical representation.

Title: Stock Market Prediction using Data Mining

Name: Nazia Saleem

The main goal of our thesis is to find out which is more effective and accurate method for stock price prediction. Predicting stock price with traditional time series analysis has proven to be difficult and Artificial Neural network (ANN) may be suitable for the task. A Neural Network has the ability to extract useful information from large set of data. There are several motivations for trying to predict stock market prices. The main objective of this paper is to analyze the historical data available on stocks using decision tree technique as one of the classification methods of data mining in order to help investors to know when to buy new stocks or to sell their stocks.

Title: Opinion Mining

Name: Rahul Bagga

There are many areas where data mining can be used as the following: ? Main objective to develop this project to increase in selling of product. For investors is important information the analysts and other investors’ opinions about the stocks of a company, to identify price trends. ? A company is interested in customers perceptions about its products. Information may be used to improve products and identifying new marketing strategies. ? Using reviews we can identify the customer opinions about a particular mobile. ? We can make our product better and remove defects in mobiles

Title: Complete Assesment Rapid Solution

Name: Varun Garg

The project “C.A.R.S- Complete Assessment Rapid Solution” is designed for providing speedy and quick assessment which will automatize the examination system. The purpose is to develop a system which can interact with all the stakeholders in the examination process and giving them a middle tier layer in order to speed up the examination process. By providing quick and easy access to any educational body to generate the exam paper quickly with effective care regarding the demands of the futuristic examination pattern.

Title: Twitter Sentiment Analysis using Hadoop

Name: Jyotika Narula

Twitter is a popular microblogging service where users create status messages (called tweets). These tweets sometimes express opinions about different topics. The purpose of this project is to build an algorithm that can accurately classify Twitter messages as positive or negative, with respect to a query term. This would be achieved using Hadoop and other tools. Hadoop is a file system not a database. Its a way of storing enormous data sets across distributed clusters of servers and then running "distributed" analysis applications in each cluster.Hadoop is an open source software project that enables the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of commodity servers. Designed to scale up from a single node to thousands of nodes, with a very high degree of fault tolerance. Generally, this type of sentiment analysis is useful for consumers who are trying to research a product or service, or marketers researching public opinion of their company.

Title: Penetration Testing

Name: Ashwini Kiran Mohidekar

This project aims to perform a penetration test on Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition. This is the most widely used enterprise based operating system. A penetration test is one of the most effective ways to identify systemic weaknesses and deficiencies in security programs implemented in enterprises. By attempting to circumvent security mechanisms,we can identify ways in which an hacker might compromise an organizations security. Therefore, a penetration test is a crucial way to uncover various vulnerabilities that can be exploited to compromise business critical systems. The main crux of this project involves gaining remote access to the target system and accessing its various services.

Title: Efficiency Enhancement using Wireless Sensor Networks

Name: Siddharth Mamtani

A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is a communication system which senses and gathers information from a certain area and sends it to different places of its choice.In such networks the communication system requires networking protocols that are efficient, reliable, scalable and secure. WSNs can be very useful for target detection and identification by military, and for environmental applications like agricultural farm monitoring.

Title: Navigation System for autonomous wheelchair robot

Name: Megha Sharma, Mansi Goyal

To design a randomised planner for the purpose of planning motions for autonomous wheelchair robot. The problem with motorized wheelchair is that they are large,clumsy and difficult to control.this is especially true if the driver has severely reduced capabilities.what we want is a wheelchair that can take instructions from the driver and then based on its understanding of the environment,construct a plan that will take the user to the intended destination.

Title: Distributed computing over raspberry pi.

Name: Kunal Gulati, Harshit Singh

The aim of the project is to create a testing server with hadoop and creating testing server. A computer cluster consists of a set of loosely connected or tightly connected computers that work together so that in many respects they can be viewed as a single system. The project will be developed by using Raspberry Pi boards. Working on Hadoop for load balancing the commands on all boards. We will be needing few raspberry pis to demonstrate the testing server.