Why Join?

  • Why Join?

    ACM, The world's largest educational and scientific computing society, delivers resources that advance computing as a science and profession. ACM procides the computing field's premier Digital Library and serves its members and the computing profession with leading-edge publications, conferences anc career resources.
    The Advantages of ACM membership :

    • Access to Leading Edge Publications
    • Professional Networking
    • Discounts and Special Offers
    • Interactive sessions with distinguished speakers on various topics
    • Participation in various summits organized on behalf of ACM
    • Help with any problem from the experts
    • Collaboration in ACM self improvement activities
    • First hand overview of various ACM important events such as ACM-ICPC and their training
    • Chance to organize and volunteer large scale events and test your management skills
    • Help in placement drives and internship facilities

How to Join?

  • How to Join?

    To join as an ACM student member, You can register over at the ACM Quick Join Application Form.

    The following are the perks of a student membership :

    • Access to the full ACM Digital Library
    • Free access to 100+ software packages from the Microsoft DreamSpark Premium Package
    • Access to online courses, ebooks and training videos
    • Electronic subscription to Communications of the ACM magazine
    • Access to ACM's highly targeted Career and Job Center
    • Free e-Mentoring services from MentorNet
    • Subscription to XRDS, ACM's all new student magazine
    • Electronic subscription to ACM CareerNews (twice monthly)
    • ACM e-news digest TechNews (tri-weekly)
    • ACM's monthly online newsletter MemberNet
    • Free "acm.org" email forwarding address plus filtering through Postini