Human Computer Interaction

Expert Talk by Prof. (Dr.) Peter Robinson 13 Oct, 2015 02:30 PM F2 Auditorium, Amity University
Amity ACM Student Chapter of Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Amity School of Engineering & Technology organized a Guest Lecture by Prof. (Dr.) Peter Robinson on 13th October 2015.
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Prof. (Dr.) Peter Robinson was conferred with an Honorary Professorship from Amity University Uttar Pradesh

The importance of emotional expression as part of human communication has been understood since the seventeenth century, and has been explored scientifically since Charles Darwin and others in the nineteenth century. Recent advances in Psychology have greatly improved our understanding of the role of affect in communication, perception, decision-making, attention and memory. This topic was explored by Prof. (Dr.) Peter Robinson in his guest lecture "Computation of Emotions".

Prof. (Dr.) Peter Robinson is Professor of Computer Technology at the University of Cambridge Computer Labratory in England, where he leads the Rainbow Group on computer graphics and interaction. Professor Robinson's research concerns problems at the boundary between people and computers. This involves investigating new technologies to enhance communication between computers and their users, and new applications to exploit these technologies. The main focus for this is human-computer interaction, where he has been leading work for some years on the use of video and paper as part of the user interface. The idea is to develop augmented environments in which everyday objects acquire computational properties through user interfaces based on video projection and digital cameras. His recent work has included desk-size projected displays and tangible interfaces.

The event, held at F2 auditorium, started out with an exemplary introduction and welcome speech by Prof. (Dr.) Abhay Bansal, Joint Acting Head ASET, HOD CSE. The podium was then graced by Dr. K. M. Soni, Deputy Dean as he welcomed Prof. Robinson and expressed the excitement for the lecture.

Prof. (Dr.) Peter Robinson started his lecture on Human Computer Interaction. His lecture mainly pertained to research done on the emotional connection between humans and computers. Based on accumulated facts and obsersvations, his speech converged the area into specific topics. He then discussed about the future scope of the research and how students can contribute to it.


After Prof. Robinson's lecture, a question and answer session was conducted where contemplative students had their questions swiftly answered by Prof. Robinson regarding the lecture and future scope of his research. Prof. Peter Robinson was then conferred with an Honorary Professorship. A vote of thanks and appreciation was presented by Prof. (Dr.) Abhay Bansal along with a memento for Prof. Peter Robinson.